You have to be careful with a lactose intolerance

If you suffer from lactose intolerance, you cannot tolerate (certain) milk products. That is different for everyone. One can tolerate old cheese, but the other, for example, cannot. You actually create your own lifestyle. Because, through damage and disgrace you become wiser and wiser about what you can or cannot stand. But what are things that you should never do if you are lactose intolerant?


Note: Hi, my name is Muriel and I enjoyed writing this article. Because I am Dutch, my English may not be optimal, but I do my best. Sorry for that. But I hope this blog article still inspires and informs you.


Below are the 3 most important things you should never do with a lactose intolerance:


1) Test a new lactose-free product if you have something important to do that day

Do you have an important exam or a nice dinner? Do not test a new lactose-free product that day. If you can’t stand it, you may suffer from a bloated stomach, diarrhea or passing unpleasant (dirty) winds within a few hours. If you saw something delicious in the supermarket that you want to try, do it on a day when you have nothing important to do.


2) Thinking you can handle it when someone else can too

Suppose a friend also suffers from lactose intolerance. And she is very enthusiastic about healthy lactose-free cookies. She recently bought it from a bakery and she didn’t suffer from any complaints after eating it. Then it is very tempting to eat the cookies too, because you think you can handle them too. But that’s often where the catch is. Because, there is a good chance that you will have a bloated stomach, flatulence or diarrhea within a few hours. So test for yourself in small amounts how your body reacts to certain food. Every body is different…


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3) Thinking you’re pretending

One of the tricky things about lactose intolerance, I think, is that you can quickly feel like an affectator. From the outside it is not visible that you suffer from your lactose intolerance. That is why it is important to stand up for yourself. Dare to ask in a restaurant that does or does not contain lactose or ask for the lactose-free menu. Dare to say ‘no’ when you are with acquaintances and they hold cubes of cheese under your nose during a drink. And dare to talk about your complaints.

By talking about it, you create understanding with the other person and they usually take it into account. Tell us what it really is, what your complaints are and how you had to change your lifestyle.

So a first step in this is to teach yourself that you are not a poser and to start believing in this. Your complaints are often not wrong and only you know how you feel and that you are not a poser.


What is your experience with this? Feel free to leave your comment below!


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